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This page is for those little odd things that crop up and perhaps somebody will have an answer. Both questions and answers will be shown on this page.

1.   This question was originally raised by Scott.

On the manifest for the S.S. Baltic (Liverpool to New York) of October 1905 a Martha Stapenhill (aged 29) is listed with her 5 year old child Horace but the listing is crossed out. They are both again listed in the November manifest, she as a widow and he as having had his fare paid by an uncle. They had travelled steerage and were met by Martha's sister Sarah Partney? of West Hartford, Conn.

Does anybody know who Martha was or who her husband was? I can find no record of a male Stapenhill of around the age to have had a wife and child of those ages. What happened to Horace? Did his mother remarry and change his name?

(14/01/03) Scott has now discovered that a Horace Stapenell died in Hartland CT in 1984 - he had been born in Sept. 1900. He could only have been Martha's son. This would also fit in with the type written manifest - Stapenhill has been mis-spelt as Stapenell

Can anybody tell us more?

There is a Ruth Stapenell living in Tasmania. We are trying to contact her - can anybody help? and there are some Stapenell's living in both in Connecticut and in the UK in the Birmingham area with a 'Horace' somewhere in the family.