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Latest Updates

27/09/04 - Jim Stapenhill's page is now online

03/02/04 - When Uk meets USA pics online

06/04/03 - We have added an interesting page on the various spellings of Stapenhill - sent in by Jan Stapenell

17/02/03 - We've put some more photo's on the Geneaoloy page and Ruth Stapenell's been in touch (more about that later).

14/01/03 - Part of the Horace Stapenell puzzle has slipped into place (see genealogy oddities).

07/01/03 - First part of Roger's home page uploaded.

07/01/03 - Genealogy page set up with first question on 'Oddities'.

01/01/03 - Contact page uploaded.
                 Further info added to downloadable GEN and PAF files (Thank you Les).

16/12/02 - Scott's Pages uploaded.

05/12/02 - First pages uploaded for testing.