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Welcome to the Stapenhill Family Website

We've got no family motto

This website has been set up to try to patch together the history of the Stapenhill family, we seem to be very scarce and far apart these days and so if you know of any Stapenhills, then please encourage them to visit this site and send their known family background to us so that we can stitch some of the patches together.

On the UK electoral roll for 2001, there are only 29 of us listed. I know of one more who was in the process of moving home and was never put on at the time. There are obviously others who too young to appear on it.

We know that some Stapenhill's have emigrated. We don't know how many but there was certainly one family who emigrated from the UK to Canada in the late 1800's and later moved down into the USA. Are there any Stapenhill's left in Canada? If you can help in any way, please click the e-mail link and tell us what you know.

The web design of this site has been kept extremely simple to allow other members or the family to include their pages, or if they prefer, to send details to us to construct a page for them.

We have now set up a page purely for contact e-mail addresses, snail mail addresses, and/or phone numbers - so if you want yours added please e-mail us.
We will if you request, keep any contact details private and should anyone wish to contact you, we will send the details on to you and if necessary act as your e-mail post box.